Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

Buildings Update GVET

8th of May 2020 8.30AM

Dear parents and guardians,

It has come to our attention that a planning notice has been pinned to the school gate. In recent weeks, the Board of Management received draft plans for proposed prefab buildings from the Department of Education and skills. This temporary building will house classrooms for our pupils to use while permanent works to the "old" original building take place. We were advised that due to COVID 19 restrictions there were huge delays with planning applications and that no clear timeline could be given for this work until COVID restrictions are lifted.

At it's most recent meeting, the Board discussed the drawing and worked through their implications for the school during the coming academic year. A webinar to outline the temporary accommodation plans to parents was discussed which would include Q and A session for parents. This would have been communicated with you shortly and an invitation to submit questions that could be addressed via the online platform was also planned.

The Board were not advised that the planning process had moved on and that a notice was imminent. It is very disappointing that the Board did not get the opportunity to inform you of these developments prior to the notice being published. We can only apologise that you found out in this manner. We will contact parents and invite you to send questions to the Board of Management followed by an information webinar to answer the questions that you will understandably have. Any questions that we cannot answer at that point will be referred to the DES for clarification.

A google form will be placed on the webiste on Monday morning so that parents can pose questions. We will give a number of days for parents to send questions to the Board and will follow this up with a webinar that parents of pupils in our school will be invited to. We have not received the final plan from the Department of Eduaction to date. Once we receive the final plan we will share it with parents.

For and on behalf of the BOM of Griffeen Valley ETNS

Andrea Burke-Khan                                                             Fintan Murphy

Principal                                                                                 Chairperson